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The Flamingo Trigger Cassette Tape


Enjoy The Ride Records and EEEOOOAH proudly present Foxy Shazam - The Flamingo Trigger. Available on cassette tape for the first time, The Flamingo Trigger is the band's debut album, where it all began for this high-energy band. These White cassette tape shells house Recording The Masters RTM911 (aka Fox) Ferro Music Grade Tape. The Fox RTM911 is one of the best-performing tapes currently being manufactured. Very consistent, clean, has great sound, and just about perfect quality.

The Flamingo Trigger is limited to 200 copies on White.

Track Listing

The French Passion Of Animality Opera
NO. Don't Shoot
October Surf Suitcase Fish
Seagulls Over Rhinosouras Bay Part I
Seagulls Over Rhinosouras Bay Part II
Aroma Of You
Sailors Over Rhinosouras Bay
Brains Of Vegas
My Wife's Juice And Water Tower Wine
Across The Golden Field
Shadow Of A Shoulder Parrot