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Flamingo Trigger (Remastered) LP


FOXY SHAZAM's Flamingo Trigger” (Remastered)— LP
This is the first vinyl release of Flamingo Trigger ever. We recorded Flamingo Trigger in 2004 as we were starting Foxy Shazam and are extremely excited about this remaster. Classic Black Vinyl comes in a single album jacket and full-color inner sleeve. EEEOOOAH releases album release 003.

Limited Pressing Teal Vinyl Available (only 200 ****Sold out instantly****) with exclusive matching Flamingo Trigger Shirt. This shirt can only be purchased in combination with the Teal Vinyl. Most Teal Vinyl orders also come with an original flyer from the 2005 CD Release Show... Yeah we recently found an old stack of the original flyers and want to share them with you and will include them until they run out.

Limited pressing Gold Vinyl Available (Only 180 available). ****Sold out instantly****

Vinyl turn around times are approximately 8 months currently so expected vinyl shipping date is March 2023 or later. We know this is a long time to wait for your vinyl and appreciate your patience. Presale helps us to remain independent artists and keep putting out special releases for you. THANK YOU TO OUR FANS.

* Update as of 3/12/23 - Test pressings are approved and all materials besides the actual vinyl are done and ready to go. We still are waiting on the pressing plant to press our actual records and with a little luck will be in late April. Will update as soon as we get any more info. *

*Update as of 4/24/23 - Records are in and most are already shipped out. Thank You for your patience as the rest of the orders should be out in the following week.*

Flamingo Trigger
RELEASE DATE : 6/5/2005

French Passion Of Animality Opera
NO Don't Shoot
October Surf Suitcase Fish
Seagulls Over Rhinosoaras Bay
Aroma Of You
Sky In A Room With A Piano

Sailers Over Rhinosouras Bay
Brains Of Vegas
My Wife's Juice and Water Tower Wine
Across the Golden Field
Shadow Of a Shoulder Parrot

For international orders for countries that are not accepted please email us at [email protected]. Let us know what you want to order and let us know what city and country you are in. We will see if we can set it up for you.